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The Events Page

Discover upcoming events for you and your team.

Updated over a week ago

Admins can access the Events Page in the Popl Teams Dashboard.

On the events page, admins can explore upcoming events for their team to attend and easily set up auto-tag campaigns for them.

Explore Events

  • You can browse, search, and discover events by keywords, location, date, and industry.

    • Note: Events shown on this page are not affiliated or sponsored by Popl.

  • Click on any event to be re-directed to the event listing for further details and registration.

    • Note: Clicking on "My Team is Going" does not register your team for an event. Please make sure to get official tickets before attending.

  • To save an event:

    • Click the button "My Team is Going"

    • Once clicked, toggle to the tab "Attending" at the top to see all of your upcoming and previously attended events.

    • Click the "Set Up" button to set up an auto-tagging campaign for any of your upcoming events. Auto tags allow you to auto-assign tags to leads that are collected by your team during a certain date or time range.

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