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Billing & Invoices
Billing & Invoices

Update your billing information.

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My Subscription

From the Popl Dashboard, select "Settings" in the bottom left,

then select โ€œMy Subscription"

On this page, you can:

  • View/Edit your Current Popl Plan

  • View Member Quantity

  • View your Invoice History

  • Send Email Invoices

  • Download All Invoices

  • Edit Billing Information

  • Edit your Payment Method

Current Popl Plan

  • View your current subscription plan and total bill.

  • Edit your subscription plan by clicking 'Edit Plan' at the top left corner of the page.

Member Quantity

  • View your current team member quantity and pricing calculator if looking to

Billing Information

  • Edit billing information including Country, Email, and ZIP code.

Payment Method

  • Edit payment method, view billing cycle, and next billing date.

Invoice History

  • View previous invoices and receipts.

  • Send email invoices to the email included in 'Billing Information' as well as download all invoices.

Video Walkthrough

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