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Adding Members

Add a new user to your Popl Teams account.

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Adding Members

From the Popl dashboard, click on the “Add Members” button in the top right and select from one of the four available options

  • Add by Email

    • Type out the email of the individual you would like to invite. If you are inviting multiple people, separate the emails with a comma

    • Click “Add Teammates”

  • Import via CSV

    • Upload your CSV or Excel file of data or download the provided CSV template by clicking on “Download CSV Template.” Make sure your CSV includes an email column.

      • If you chose the provided CSV template, enter the information you would like to upload into the template. If there is a field you would like to skip, simply leave that column blank.

    • Once uploaded, complete the mapping process by matching the Popl fields to the corresponding column within your CSV.

    • Choose to automatically assign imported members to a new or existing Subteam.

    • Choose to automatically assign a new or existing template to members. Once a template is selected, map your CSV fields to the links in the template.

    • Click on “Add Teammates.”

  • Add Company Pages

    • Create company pages if you want to share information that is NOT associated with a team member.

    • For example, if you want to share information about your company from your conference booth, you could use a company page to do this. Any team member who is sharing a profile with information about themselves should be added via email invite, CSV upload, or Active Directory sync.

  • Sync from Google Workspace

  • Sync from Workday

    • This integration allows you to sync members from your Workday HR platform to Popl. How to set up:

      1. In the Sidebar Menu, click Integrations.

      2. In the ‘Workday’ widget, click ‘Connect’.

      3. Follow the 8 steps required to authenticate via Workday.

      4. Once authentication is compete, it will take a couple minutes for groups data to be accessible. Once groups are fully accessible, you will receive an email saying set up is complete.

      5. Once you receive this email, go back to

      6. In the search bar at the top, select which groups you'd like to sync over

      7. Set up auto syncs for creating/updating/removing members by selecting one of our various frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly).

      8. Finally, select different fields to sync over from Workday to Popl digital cards (name, email, job title, company, phone, profile pic, location).

  • Sync with Eventbrite

    • Sync attendees from Eventbrite to Popl for QR code and badge management.

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