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Send Notifications to Your Team
Send Notifications to Your Team

As an Admin on Popl Teams, you can send and schedule Popl App or email push notifications to your team for company updates and more.

Updated over a week ago

Notifications allow you to send push notifications to any member of your team. The member will need to have the Popl app downloaded to receive the notification.

Use Case: If your team is at an event, you can send push notification reminders to meet up at a certain time, check out a certain booth, or congratulate them on doing a great job!

To set up a push notification, open the Popl Teams dashboard here:

  • Click "Admin" on the left toolbar

  • Click "Notifications"

From here you can choose a Popl App or Email notification.

  • If you'd like to send a Popl App notification to your team, make sure they have the app downloaded first.

Next, you can choose:

  • Specific recipients

  • Specific subteam

  • Title

  • Message

  • To schedule the notification or send it immediately

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