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Approving Change Requests
Approving Change Requests

Approve or reject your teams change requests as an admin.

Updated over a week ago

As the admin of a team, you can choose to make changes to member cards and even lock their cards.

If there is any locked information on a member's card that they would like changed, they can submit a change request.

These requests must be accepted by an admin to take effect.

To Accept or Reject a change request, log into your dashboard.

Navigate to the Requests page under the Admin menu.

Here you will find the requests made by the members of your team. You can choose to approve or reject a request

Once you've made your selection, a snackbar confirmation will appear at the top.

You can also choose to Accept or Reject all requests in bulk by selecting all and choosing 'Accept' or 'Reject' from the bottom menu.

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