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Ordering a Custom Popl Accessory - Non-Teams
Ordering a Custom Popl Accessory - Non-Teams

How to order a custom Popl accessory on the website.

Updated over a week ago

You can order a Popl accessory with your company logo or custom artwork!

To customize, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the custom accessory you'd like to order

2. Choose "with Popl logo on back" or "no Popl logo on back"

3. Click "Create your Own"

4. Click "Upload image..." on the right toolbar

*Make sure to use a high-resolution version of your logo when making your custom Popl device (file types include PDF, EPS, AI)

*You can upload an image with any background color you'd like, and the entire Popl product will be printed in that color


(all Popl devices have a QR code that will be linked to your profile upon activation)

5. You can choose either a black or white card by clicking "Product variations"

If you'd like the front of the card to be a specific color, upload your image in that color.

*Please note, you can only customize ONE SIDE of any Popl device on our site.

If you order a custom METAL card, please note your logo will be color printed and WILL NOT be printed edge-to-edge.

If you are interested in Popl Teams, you can receive FREE custom accessories as a yearly member.

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