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Custom Subdomains for You or Your Team
Custom Subdomains for You or Your Team

Use this feature to brand your QR code and digital business card links.

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With Custom Subdomains you can brand you or your team's QR code and digital business card links so that your company name is part of the URL.

For example, a company called Acme could use this feature to set their dashboard and digital card links as:



This creates a more branded and personalized experience for your members, see an example of a company-branded login page below.

Example Company Branded Login Page

To create a custom subdomain:

  • From your Popl dashboard, click ‘Settings’ from the left sidebar.

  • Then select 'Settings' or 'Team Settings.'

  • Under 'Set custom subdomain for members' enter your company or brand name

  • Once you've picked a subdomain that is not taken click the 'Update' button

    • If you own intellectual property on a term or company name you are trying to choose and it shows as unavailable, please email us at [email protected].

  • Once applied, your subdomain will display for profile links and QR codes downloaded from the dashboard as Your team can also log in using your subdomain by going to

Note: We recommend choosing a subdomain of 6 or fewer characters for subdomain branding to appear when scanning your QR codes.

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