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Microsoft Outlook Email Signature Add-In
Microsoft Outlook Email Signature Add-In

Install our Microsoft Outlook Add-In to automatically sync email signatures to members.

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We're excited to be partnered with Microsoft to provide a built-in Outlook Email Signature Add-In to all Popl Teams customers, allowing members to update their email signature right from an easy to use Outlook Add-In.

How to Set Up The Add-In for Your Team (Admin)

  1. First, log into and go to the "Email signatures" tab on the left sidebar.

  2. Click on "Set Up Email Integrations" at the top right and you will be redirected to the Microsoft AppSource Marketplace to install the Popl Email Signature Add-In for your organization.

  3. Click on "Get it now" and complete the Microsoft authentication.

  4. Next, choose who you'd like to deploy the new app to. We recommend choosing the "Entire organization" option so that all members can benefit from beautifully branded email signatures from Popl. Also, make sure to keep "Is this a test deployment" toggled off.

  5. You can also decide whether you'd like to notify your team about the new Add-In via email or not. We recommend leaving this checked and notifying the team. Once decided, click the blue "Next" button.

  6. The next step is to accept the permissions requests for the app. On this page, click "Accept permissions" and allow consent for the app.

  7. Congrats, your team is now all set! Simply click "Finish deployment" to complete the set up of the new Outlook Email Signature Add-In.

How to Assign Email Signatures to Your Team (Admin)

Once you have set up the Popl Email Signature Add-In on the Microsoft side, you can begin assigning email signature templates to your team members on the Popl Teams dashboard.

  1. First, log into and go to the "Email signatures" tab on the left sidebar.

  2. Once there, click on "Create Email Signature Template" in the top right corner. Here you can customize the email signature template however you'd like, naming it, adding items like a banner image, a disclaimer, customizations, and more!

    Some common use cases we see are teams setting up a specific email signature template for a department, region, marketing campaign, etc

  3. When your email signature template looks all set, click on "Create" at the bottom of the screen! Then you will be able to assign the template to anyone on your team. If their email in Popl Teams matches their Outlook email, then this email signature will automatically and instantly sync to their Outlook Email Add-In ✨

    Note: Make sure to keep "Create team cohesion" checked on.

    You can always change which members are assigned to certain email signature templates, this is not a permanent/unchangeable action. Members can also be assigned multiple templates at once!

  4. Once team members are assigned, they are all set to begin setting email signatures using the Outlook Add-In on Microsoft Outlook. See the next section for how members can do this!

How to Set an Email Signature from Outlook (Member)

  1. Once the admin steps above are complete, members can use their Outlook Add-In to set their beautiful, on-brand email signatures.

  2. From Outlook, members can access their Add-In by composing a new email, and clicking the App Add-In button, as shown below. This button is on the "Message" tab and the "Insert" tab.

  3. Once clicked, the member can choose "Popl Email Signature Add-In" which will open the Add-In on the right side of the Outlook page.

  4. The Add-In will ask to display a login window and the member should click "Allow" before logging into their Outlook account.

  5. Once logged in, the member is all set to begin setting email signatures! Any signature that is assigned to them from Popl Teams by an admin will show automatically as an option in the Add-In.

    The member can simply click "Set as email signature" and that signature will be set as their default.

    There is also a "Sync new signatures" button at the bottom of the Add-In in case any data/signatures need to be refreshed. The Add-In can be accessed at any time by the member if they ever want to switch signatures or see new options.

Congrats on fully setting up beautiful, automated, branded signatures for your entire organization 🥳. For any questions or issues, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Step-by-step Video Instructions:

View Outlook Add-In documentation below:

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