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Email Signatures

Easily create QR code-equipped email signatures for yourself or your team.

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Create an Email Signature for Yourself (Free, Pro, or Pro+ User)

You can create an QR code equipped email signature as a Free, Pro, Pro+, or Teams user. Here are the steps to create yours:

  • From your Popl dashboard on your "My Cards" page, click on 'Edit'.

  • From there, select 'Email Signature' in the left side menu.

  • On this page, you will see the editor in the center and a preview of your Popl signature on the right portion of the screen.

  • Here, you can modify the following on your signature:

    • Profile picture

    • Company logo

    • PopCode (QR code) logo

    • Option to add a banner image

    • Name

    • Pronouns

    • Job title

    • Company

    • Phone number

    • Location

    • Disclaimer

    • Links from your digital card to add

    • Option to remove the PopCode from your signature

The QR code and 'My Digital Business Card' hyperlink in your signature will share the current digital card you are editing. If you make edits on the 'About', 'Content', or 'Lead Capture Form' pages, it will update the information shared via your email signature.

Once you're satisfied with your email signature customization, click the '+ Add to your email' or 'Download' button, then select your email provider and follow the steps to add your signature.

Create Email Signatures for your Team (Email Signature Templates)

As a Popl Teams Admin, you can create email signature templates for your team to apply and use. Here are the steps to create email templates:

  • Once logged in as a Popl Teams admin, from the Popl Dashboard sidebar menu, click ‘Email Signatures’.

  • On this page, click ‘Create Email Signature Template’ in the top right corner.

  • Customize your template by adding contact info, images, and toggling on/off display fields. Here, you can choose to include and edit the following:

    • Name

      • Signature Name

    • Information

      • Popl user name

      • Pronouns

      • Job Title

      • Company Name

      • Location

      • Phone Number

    • Images

      • Profile Pic

      • Company Logo

      • PopCode (QR code)

      • Banner image

    • Links

      • Links will appear on member’s email signatures if the assigned members to that email signature template have the respective links on their default digital card.

      • Click '+ Add Link' to add and select from the content.

      • Toggle on ‘Color Icons’ to match the card’s theme.

      • Drag and drop links to change their order

    • Disclaimer

      • Disclaimer text at the bottom of the signature

  • Once finished, click 'Create' or 'Update' to save.

  • If you want to edit, duplicate, or remove a template, click on the three dots to the right of the template on the all email signature template page.

Assigning Email Signature Templates

To assign an email signature template to team members click '+ Add members' or 'Manage Members' on the right of the template from the all email signature template page.

  • Search for the team member(s) individually or by subteam that you'd like to assign to. Then check their checkboxes or 'Select all', then click 'Assign'.

  • You have the option to check 'Create team cohesion' to set the email signature template as default for those assigned. This will use the Microsoft Outlook Email Signature Add-In which can be installed at any time. See more info here:

  • To edit the members assigned, click 'Manage members' on the right of the template.

  • Once a member has been assigned to an email signature template, they can view/copy/download the email signature to add it to their email client. Applying a template will restrict members from modifying any fields set by that email signature template.

Microsoft Outlook Email Signature Add-In

Install our Microsoft Outlook Add-In to automatically sync email signatures to members and allow them to set signatures directly in Outlook. See our step-by-step article on this here.

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