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The Tags Page

Manage your team's library of tags.

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Tags Page

On the Tags Page, you can view, remove, and update tags across your team.

You can see who created the tag, the date it was created, the number of tagged leads, and adjust the tag access.

Create a New Tag

  • In the sidebar menu, click ‘Leads’.

  • Select ‘Tags’.

  • Click the button ‘Create New Tag’.

  • Enter the tag name and choose the level of access (full team or only specific subteams).

  • Once created, click ‘Tag Leads’ and select leads you want to assign tag to.

Assign Tags to Leads

  • Click the 'Tag Leads' button.

  • Use the checkboxes on the left of profile photos to select leads. You can also use 'Select all' to tag all.

  • In the bottom black bar click 'Assign tag'.

Edit Tag Access

Tag Access allows certain members of the team to be able to add tags to their leads or not. Tags on default are assigned to full team access.

  • Click the gear icon under the tag access column.

  • On the next pop-up choose whether you want to assign tag access for the full team or a certain subteam. You can choose to assign to multiple subteams as well.

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