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Lead Capture

Use custom lead capture forms built into your digital business card to collect the exact info you need from prospects and people you meet.

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The Lead Capture Form

When sharing a Popl digital business card, the Lead Capture Form allows you and your teammates to capture info from prospects and people that are met. With Popl Teams and Popl Pro Plus, you can fully customize this form.

Lead Capture Mode

When Lead Capture Mode is turned on, the Lead Capture Form appears immediately when you share your digital business card with someone. This changes the order of exchange from share -> capture to capture -> share.

How to Customize The Lead Capture Form

From the Popl dashboard, click the specific card you want to customize the form for.

  • On the left menu, select "Lead Capture".

  • On this page, you'll find a toggle to turn lead capture mode on or off.

    • If you have this option turned on, the lead capture form will be the first thing a person sees when they view your card.

  • To personalize the form header, click on the designated area provided for customization.

  • Let's start customizing your lead capture form:

    • To add fields, click "Add Field" and choose a text field, dropdown, checkbox, or file option.

    • To make an input field required, toggle on the "Required" option for the field you want to mandatory.

    • To remove a field from your lead capture form, click the "X" next to it.

  • Customize the form disclaimer to include links and ensure it satisfies any compliance requirements.

  • After customizing the lead capture form to your satisfaction, click "Save" in the bottom right to save all the changes you've made.

Hidden Fields

There is also an option to add hidden fields to the Lead Capture Form.

Hidden fields will not show in the Lead Capture Form. Instead, they will be added to the lead object after the person fills out the form and becomes a lead. These hidden fields will be shown when viewing a lead and can be synced to your CRM via field mappings. Hidden fields are never visible to your leads, which is why they are considered hidden.

Steps to Create Hidden Fields

  • Within your or your team member's digital card, click "Lead Capture" on the left menu.

  • Under the "Hidden Fields" click "+Add field" to add a new field.

  • Enter a value for fields "Title" and "Value".

    • "Title" is the name of the information you are adding (key).

    • "Value" is the content of that information (value).

    • Ex: Title = Event, Value = Santa Run 2023

  • Click "Save" to add your hidden fields!

Now, any time you or your team members connect with a lead, the hidden field data will be included automatically with their data. Access this data in Popl or map it to specific fields in your CRM.

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