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Auto Tagging

Learn how to automatically tag your leads

Updated over a week ago

The auto-tagging feature will allow you to automatically tag leads that are collected by a subteam during a specified time.

Auto tagging is perfect for conferences and events as you can automatically segment your leads using tags at the time of connection!

To create an auto-tagging campaign, go to then select 'New Tag Campaign' at the top right.

Create a name for your campaign.

Create or select a tag to be assigned during the campaign.

Assign a subteam to the campaign. These are the members to whom you'd like the auto-tagging campaign to apply to. If you have not yet created a subteam specific to your campaign, you can learn more about subteams here:

Finally, select the date range you'd like this campaign to run then select 'create tag campaign'.

After adding your campaign, you will be able to edit, duplicate, cancel, or delete/remove the campaign by selecting the 3 dots on the far right of the campaign.

Once completed, canceled your tag campaign will appear in the 'completed' section.

From here you can choose to duplicate the completed campaign to re-run it, or you can delete/remove it.

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