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Submitting Change Requests
Submitting Change Requests

Ask your Team Admin to make changes on your digital business card.

Updated over a week ago

As a member of a team, your admin can choose to make changes to your card and even lock your card.

If there is any locked information on your card that you would like changed, you will need to submit a change request.

To submit a change request, log into your dashboard.

From inside your card, click on the field you'd like to edit.

Select 'submit request here' from the snackbar at the top

Enter the change you'd like to submit in the 'new' field.

Select 'Submit Request'.

Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation snackbar along with a 'change requested' indication next to the fields you've requested a change.

Whether your request is approved or rejected, you will receive an email notification similar to the one below.

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