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CRM Integration Setup for Subteams
CRM Integration Setup for Subteams

Use this feature to create unique integration connections for any of your Subteams.

Updated over a week ago

You can create unique integration configurations per subteam. This will allow for more customization so that your subteam members can export their leads using specific CRM integrations.

To set up a subteam integration:

  1. Go to your integrations page at

  2. Select 'Connect' for the CRM integration you'd like to connect to.

  3. Select 'Connect for Subteams' and choose the subteam you'd like to have the connection established for.

  4. Select 'Connect' then sign into your account to establish a connection.

  5. Toggle on one of the export options. If you have any custom configurations, you can set those up under the export option.

Once connected, all leads collected from the members of the subteam will be exported using this configuration setup.

Note: Subteam CRM integrations take precedence over full-team CRM integrations.

Note: If a member is a part of two subteams, both integrations will run however, we will never duplicate a lead in your CRM.

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