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Organize your members into groups.

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From the Popl dashboard, click on “Team” and then select “Subteams.”

Within each subteam, you can:

  • Edit members

  • Edit the subteam details

  • Add restrictions

  • Set up Template Auto Assign: Learn more here

  • View your subteam members

  • Set up unique integrations: Learn more here

Create a New Subteam

  • In the top-right corner, you'll find the option to create a new subteam.

  • Click on it and name the subteam according to your preferences.

  • Optionally, you can add a description and even upload a photo for the subteam.

Add Members to a Subteam

  • To add members to an existing subteam, click on the subteam you want to modify (e.g., "Sales Subteam").

  • Look for an option like "Add Members to Subteam."

  • Select the members you want to add to the subteam. For instance, you can add yourself.

  • Click "Add" or a similar button to confirm the selection.

  • The added members will now belong to the subteam.

Delete a Subteam

  • To delete a subteam, click on the three (3) dots located to the right of the subteam.

  • Select “Remove.”

Subteam Admins

  • Each subteam can be assigned one or multiple subteam admins.

  • Subteam admins will be able to:

Create a Subteam Admin

To make a member a subteam admin:

  • First, go to the members tab at

  • Choose the member you'd like to make a subteam admin and select the 3 dots on the member's card

  • Select 'Edit admin status'

  • Select '+ Assign' to assign the member as admin for one or multiple subteams

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