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Edit Your Digital Card

Edit your basic card information such as card images, name, location, and more on the Popl Dashboard.

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The About Section

The About section can be accessed either as an individual or as a Popl Team member and allows you to edit the basic info on your digital business card.

Card Title

The card title is a name that that you can give to label this particular digital card. If you are managing multiple cards, this title is helpful to know which card is which.

Card Layout

Use the card layout dropdown to select a layout for your digital card. The available options are:

  • Left Aligned

  • Center Aligned

  • Portrait

All three layouts are beautifully crafted and provide different professional looks and feels.

Card Images

In this first section in About, you can edit your profile picture, cover photo, and company logo. To learn more about exact dimensions to use for each image, visit our dimensions article here.

Basic Info

In this section, you can edit the name, location, job title, company, and bio that appear on your digital card.


In this section, you can choose a pre-selected color option or a custom color using the theme picker. Custom colors can be specific hex colors, RGB, and more.

  • From the Popl dashboard, click into your card and select “About”

  • You can select custom colors for both the card’s theme and the links.

    • Within a card, click "About".

    • Select from the default colors or click the eyedropper to set a custom color.

      • For a specific color, select the dropper icon and enter your color’s RGB, HSL, HEX code.

    • Toggle on the option to match the color of the link icons to the card theme or choose a different color for the links.

      • NOTE: Any custom icons you may have created will not be affected by this.

    • Click "Update" to save.


In this section, you can choose from a variety of fonts for your digital card. The chosen font will update all text on your card.

Live Preview

Shown on the right of the page, you can see a preview of what your digital business card looks like to others when you share your card via a link, PopCode (QR code), or a hardware accessory.

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