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Accessory Management
Accessory Management

Manage your team's Popl accessories.

Updated over a week ago

From the Popl dashboard, click on “Accessories” located on the left side of the dashboard.

  • From this page you can:

    • View Activated Accessories

      • On the accessories page, you will find a list of all the accessories that have been activated and to whom the accessories have been assigned.

    • Reassign/Deactivate Accessories

      • All Popl accessories are reusable. Should a team member leave the company, you can assign it to another member as long as you are able to retrieve the accessory from that member.

      • To reassign an accessory:

        • Click on it from the accessories page.

        • Select a new owner from the dropdown menu.

        • Click “Update.”

        • NOTE: When you reassign an accessory to a new member, any taps or scans of that device will now lead to the new member’s profile.

      • To deactivate an accessory:

        • Click on it from the accessories page.

        • Click “Deactivate.”

    • Activate Accessories for Your Members

Watch this Tutorial on How to activate a Popl Accessory ⬇️

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