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The Home Page - Popl Teams
The Home Page - Popl Teams

The home page of the Popl Teams dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of team interactions, analytics, recommendations, and more...

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A Home Page for Popl Team Admins

With this insightful home base, it's easier than ever to manage, oversee, and lead your team.

When you sign into the dashboard and access the Home Page, you can see the latest updates on your team’s most recent activities, including leads captured, recent card views, team management recommendations, and more.

You’ll also find recommendations and to-dos that will set up your team for success and allow you to quickly access various dashboard features.

Set up your Popl Team

This setup checklist provides steps that are recommended in order for admins and members to get the best Popl Teams experience possible.

Recent Leads Captured

View your team's most recent leads captured chronologically by teammate. The method of lead capture used (shown by the icons), date of meeting, and profile photo are also shown for each lead. The various methods of lead capture include:

  • Lead Capture Form

  • App to App

  • Paper Business Card Scan

  • Manual Import

You can also choose to "View All" to see a larger view of recent leads captured.

Recent Card Views

View your team's most recent digital card views chronologically by teammate. The type of view (shown by the icons), date of meeting, and profile photo are also shown for each view. The types of card views include:

  • PopCode (QR code)

  • Popl Accessory

  • Share (URL link)

You can also choose to "See More Insights". View our Insights article here for more information.


The recommendations section provides smart to-dos based on the current state of your team and dashboard. Use these steps as a guide to allow your team to get the most out of Popl Teams. Recommendations can include tasks such as sending team invites, finishing checklist steps, assigning templates to members with no templates, and more.

Video Tutorials

Use this section to quickly access video tutorials so that you can provide maximum value to your team.

Explore Our Features

View and explore some of the newest and most valuable features of the Popl Teams Dashboard right from the Home Page.

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