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Use templates to maintain consistent branding across your team.

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From the Popl dashboard, click on “Team” and then select “Templates.”

  • To create a new template click on “Add Template” and select if you’d like to start from scratch or use an existing member card as a starting point.

  • Here are the sections of a Template that you can customize:


  • Choose a template name.

  • Upload a profile picture, cover photo, or company logo.

    • If any of these are left empty, it will allow the user to set it themselves.

  • Adjust the color themes (custom hex colors are available), link icons, company name, location, and bio.

    • You can select custom colors for both the card’s theme and the links.

      • Within a card, click "About".

      • Select from the default colors or click the eyedropper to set a custom color.

        • For a specific color, select the dropper icon and enter your color’s RGB, HSL, HEX code.

      • Toggle on the option to match the color of the link icons to the card theme or choose a different color for the links.

        • NOTE: Any custom icons you may have created will not be affected by this.

      • Click "Update" to save.

  • Choose a profile Layout that you'd like to apply.

  • You have the option to customize the font you'd like to apply.


  • Add links to your template:

    • Add Link with a single value (previously Default Link): This link will have the same value across all members assigned to the template.

      • Ex: office address, company Linkedin.

    • Add Link with a unique value per member (previously Unique Link): This link will allow you to have a different value for each member assigned to the template.

      • Ex: Each member's mobile phone, social media, personal Linkedin.

      • With each unique link, you can also choose whether members can or cannot edit that link.

  • You can toggle on Lead Capture Mode or Single Link Mode. You can also lock these features if you do not want members to change them.


Lead Capture Form

Follow Up Email

  • After the Popl user connects with a new lead, this follow-up email will go to both the new lead and the Popl user, creating an intro. Here you can edit the email intro for all members that the template is applied to.


  • Here you can choose if you want to allow non-admins to assign this template to their cards.

Once your template has been created, assign it to members by clicking on “Assign Template” at the top right of the edit template page.

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