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Lead Management

Manage your leads & contacts made through Popl.

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Popl Leads (Contacts)

A Lead or Contact is created in various ways.

  • When you or one of your team members shares their digital business card via their card URL link, QR code scan, or NFC accessory tap, and the lead fills out the Lead Capture Form.

  • By scanning a paper business card using the Business Card Scanner.

  • By scanning a digital business card using our Universal Digital Card Scanner.

  • By scanning an event badge using our Event Badge Scanner.

  • When a Popl user connects with another Popl user.

  • By importing leads via a CSV.

  • By adding a lead manually.

View Leads

  • From the Popl dashboard, click on “Leads” to the far left.

  • Within the Leads tab, you will find a chronological list of all your leads/those you’ve connected with via Popl.

  • Each lead entry provides the information collected using your Lead Capture Form along with data such as tags, who the lead connected with, lead type, CRM syncs, and connection dates.

Export Leads

  • Click on “Export” in the top right of the page.

  • Select whether to export your leads as a CSV file or to your integrated CRM.

Import Leads

  • Import leads using a CSV file or manual entry.

  • Click on "+ Add Leads" then choose "Create New Lead" or "Import via CSV".

    • "Create New Lead" allows you to create a single new lead.

      • Click "Create New Lead".

      • Select the Lead Owner and click "Assign". This will set who the new lead "Connected With".

      • Then, choose to fill out the default lead fields, add custom fields, or select a template that has custom lead capture fields already. We also provide the option to create a lead using test data. To create a test lead using test data, simply click "Create Test Lead". See more info below.

      • Click "Create Lead" in the bottom right when ready.

      • A new lead will then appear on the Leads page.

    • "Import via CSV" allows you to import multiple leads at once.

      • Click "Import via CSV".

      • You can download and fill out a CSV file Template or upload your own.

      • Then review and import the leads.

Create Test Leads

You can create a test lead to become familiar with lead fields, exporting leads, and assigning leads.

  • Click on "+ Add Leads" then choose "Create New Lead".

  • Click on "Create Test Lead".

  • The fields will be populated with test information. You can click "Create Test Lead" multiple times until the test data is acceptable.

  • Click "Create Lead".

  • You will now see this lead populated on the Leads page.

Edit Leads

  • For each lead entry, you can perform various actions:

    • Edit the lead's information.

    • Save them as a contact in your address book.

    • Send an email to the lead.

    • Add tags to categorize or organize leads.

    • Reassign leads to different team members if needed.

Use Filters

  • At the top of the Leads tab, you'll find filter options that help you narrow down and organize your leads:

    • Subteams: Filter leads by subteam (e.g., marketing, sales)

    • Members: View only individual member's leads, including just your own if you'd like. Note: Only admins can access leads for others, members will only be able to access their own leads.

  • Removed members: Filter leads based on members that are no longer on the team. This can be useful for reassigning leads once someone has left your company.

  • Tags: Filter leads based on specific tags or hidden fields.

  • Lead type: View leads based on what type of lead they are. Possible options are:

    • Business Card

    • Popl User to Popl User

    • Lead capture form

    • Import via CSV

    • Manually Added

  • Date: Adjust the date range for when leads were collected.

Use Bulk Actions

  • Click "Select all", and within the black bar at the bottom of the Leads tab, you'll find various bulk action items:

    • Tag multiple leads simultaneously.

    • Reassign leads.

    • Send emails to multiple leads at once.

    • Export multiple leads to your CRM using a connected integration.

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