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Converting Default Links to Unique Links
Converting Default Links to Unique Links

Utilize unique links for your team's digital business cards.

Updated over a week ago

When creating a template, you may choose to create a template from an existing card. When doing this, all links will be default links. This means all members assigned to the template will have the exact same information.

This may not be useful when you need to have individualized information on each of your member's cards. This is why we created unique links!

To avoid having to re-add all links, you can simply convert the default links to unique links. Note: Once converted, you can not undo this change. Click here to learn more about unique links.

From within the content section of your template, click into the default link you'd like to convert to a unique link.

Select 'convert to unique link'

Click 'Convert to Unique' to confirm

You will be brought back into your unique link to update the values for your members.

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